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looks much more impressive than it is in person.

3/18/2018 by ims

VERY expensive for the value. Bought as graduation gifts and it's not impressive enough to give as intended.


Not reusable, same as paper note.

1/21/2018 by Younghwan

I find this is not reusable after I ckeared up in microwave. Actually this note was not completely erased by longtime burning.
And silicon pencil, it is easily dried in a month.
I totally disapoined on these two items.


Extremely disappointed. Waste of money

1/10/2018 by Kathleen

Great idea but it doesn't work. I purchased this for my husband who has to keep track of his medicine usage. He did not erase the record immediately so the doctors could monitor his usage. When he did try to erase the writing, the eraser would not work. We tried a damp sponge, but we had to rub really hard, and several of the pages ripped out. The book is useless and a total waste of money. Would not recommend this product.


Sorry to be disappointed in this

1/2/2018 by Peggy

I have been wanting one of these for a long time and am disappointed with it. It is not sturdy and seems like something I could make at Staples. I love the Grommet, and this is the first item I have been dissatisfied with. Neat idea, but the quality is not up to the normal standard.


Having problems erasing

11/29/2017 by LuAnne

I have had a really hard time getting the dry erase marker to erase. If I don't erase things very quickly after I write them, it's really hard to get them off. I have to push really hard wiht the eraser and it still leaves a shadow.

I have some lists that I keep for a long time so this is a problem for me. I tried using a different dry erease marker than the one that was included and it was slightly better, but still a pain.


Loved the idea! DOESN'T WORK

7/7/2017 by Shelley

I already wrote a review after using the notebook for a few weeks and gave 3 stars because I loved the concept but didn't like how hard it is to erase items that have been on a page for more than a few short days. Well, fast forward another 2 months and I'm tossing the notebook. I can't get writing off the book without using lemon essential oil and scrubbing. Granted some of it has been on my to-do list for weeks, but nowhere in the description does it say "make sure to wipe clean every 48 hours." Turned out to be a big waste of money. I even bought a bottle of white board cleaner - another waste -- didn't work. Very disappointed! I had such high hopes. Even when I do get the writing off, the pen barely works where I used the oil to remove the marks. Don't waste your money.


Very disappointed in the quality

6/18/2017 by Anne

I loved the idea of a reusable notebook. I use a ton of paper to write notes to myself BUT the pen that is included with the book creates indentations from every word you write on the page. Subsequently that can be felt when you rewrite on the pages. These cannot be "reusable" pages if every note you write on it creates another indentation. Eventually writing on the page will be impossible. Very disappointed that a $40 purchase is not up to "the grommet" standards


Smaller would've been better

5/23/2017 by Donita

It's okay but doesn't fit very well in my pocketbook. It's useful, but I think an old-fashioned pen and paper still is better.


really wanted to like this

3/30/2017 by TWilliams

I really wanted to like this book but it didn't take long to realize it was a mistake to have purchased this book. I like to use the whole page for notes and once dry the small eraser means it takes forever to erase. Trying to erase with anything else is difficult and not the most effective. Besides that, the pen dries out very easily. If you leave the pen uncovered for even a few minutes it becomes dry and takes way too long to moisten again. So sorry I spent so much money on a product I can't use the way I had hoped to!


Very Disappointed

3/26/2017 by Noelle

First I wasn't given the option to purchase the smaller size and no reason was given. The pen doesn't write smoothly. If you stop writing you have to scribble on a piece of paper to get the ink started again. It doesn't erase cleanly; if don't wipe it off after a short time it takes a lot of scrubbing to get it off and even then it left some that won't come off at all. The pen leaves indents in the pages even if you use a light touch.

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The Wipebook Story

Wipebook | Reusable Whiteboard Notebook Review

Infinite Pages

What happens when you cross a dry erase board with a notebook?

You get an endlessly reusable notebook—one you can fill over and over with sketches, diagrams, notes, lists, or your day’s to-do’s.

The forgiving, hypergloss film pages encourage unlimited drafts, but limit smudging. Each Wipebook comes with a smudge-proof pen so your thoughts and projects stay intact—until you decide to re-use a page.

The engineers behind this Grommet are Toby Maurice and Frank Bouchard—they wanted to jot down and showcase ideas without the waste. So they created something you can use over and over again.

really liked that, at first glance, Wipebook looks like your classic vegan leather bound journal, but inside it’s an innovative, environmentally friendly way to take notes, doodle and more. Read More Read Less