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One-Handed Broom and Mini Broom Set Case of 4

Reviews (3.9 out of 5 Grommets)

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I love this!

10/26/2017 by Roberta

I am so happy with how the Wisp works. Since I have 2 house dogs, dog hair is a constant issue. The Wisp picks up the hair off the hard surface floors and the carpet and rugs with ease and it hangs on to it rather than letting it fly around. So happy I have this!


It’s a different kind of broom!

10/17/2017 by Jackie

It really sweeps well and the scoop to pick up crumbs works great because you can step on it to hold it to the floor for a clean sweep!


Great Set

10/11/2017 by Donna

Read the reviews regarding pet hairs and decided to order. Wow! This really is the best ever. Make sure to buy both sizes.


Great product

10/7/2017 by Elsie

This product is wonderful. It takes care of juggling the dust pan....just much easier to use. On a funny note, the other night our dachshund started barking at something in the dining room. We could see her but couldn't see what she was barking at. It was the one handed broom. She would sneak up on it and then run backwards barking. After showing it to her closely she isn't afraid of it anymore thankfully. Thank you for a much needed improved broom and dust pan.


new b room

8/15/2017 by CarolR

I originally bought the small broom for small pick ups--then I bought the actual broom --I love it ----works great and I gave the first one I bought to my daughter



8/10/2017 by Linda

We have a dog that sheds all the time. These two brooms address this issue excellently! Like no other we have ever used


Wisp one-handed broom

8/10/2017 by Susan

I purchased these and they are wonderful! Picks up everything and is easy to sweep into the pan. Excellent invention.


Exactly as dvertised

8/1/2017 by Ivan

Well, almost ;-) The step-on dustpan doesn't get *every* speck of dirt and grit up--but close. This was an excellent value.



6/30/2017 by Linda

This is a handy dandy product. Does just what it is supposed to do and hangs easily on the inside of my storage closet door. Perfect and always at the ready.


Great Product

6/27/2017 by Glenda

These one-handed broom and mini broom set work just like it's shown. Saves much backing up with dustpan and sweeping again!

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The WISP Story

A whole new take on the dustpan and broom.

Spotless Sweep

This household essential just got a sweeping makeover.

WISP’s one-handed broom is armed with dense, short bristles that stay flush to the floor. And the bristles are electrostatic, too, so they’ll attract pet hair, dirt, and even glass into its foot-controlled, hands-free dustpan. It’s thorough, which means fewer passes with the broom.

Eben Dobson is an avid golfer (nicknamed “Wisp” for his small stature and fluid swing) who designed his first prototype to pick debris off of a golf course. It worked so well that he decided to retool it for indoors, corralling dirt off of difficult surfaces
(e.g. carpets, tiles, wood, furniture).

The dustpan creates a tight seal against the ground, so you’ll sweep into, not under it. And Eben even thought to tackle smaller jobs, with the mini WISP. It’s small enough to fit in a glove compartment or office drawer for on-the-go cleaning.

Whatever you’re keeping clean, WISP will help you do a faster, easier, more complete job.
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