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One-Handed Broom and Mini Broom Set Case of 4

Reviews (3.9 out of 5 Grommets)

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Works well

6/27/2017 by Meagan

I find this broom much easier to sweep with than a conventional broom and I especially like the teeth on the dustpan that you can use to clean the broom.


It works!

6/19/2017 by Beth

A bit confusing at first to figure out how to attach and reattach dust pan but it works!!! Crumbs, etc go into the dust pan, not UNDER the dust pan! I'm delighted!!!


Great product!

6/14/2017 by Kathy

This is so much more efficient and easier to use than any other sweeper I have eve used.


The best wisp

6/13/2017 by olga

This is a new twist for a broom and tray. The Wisp is the modern version. The Wisp picks it all up , it's super light, I love it, everyone needs one and dump the broom and tray for indoors


Perfect for RV

6/12/2017 by Katherine

This is going to be perfect for our RVs. I only ordered one, but might as well order another. It worked great on my laminate wood floor in the stick house so I know it will do well in them too. It really picked up the dog hair. I did have to pluck some of the finer stuff out, but not a big deal.


Probably not everyone is sweeping up bunny fur, but...

6/9/2017 by kalina

Wow! This works great! The fur sticks to it like glue and it's SO nice to be able to stand up straight when you're sweeping and not even bend over with the dust pan! Love it!
The only thing that needs improvement is the part where they click together... they don't really. So it doesn't hang up as easily as it could. But our old tired backs don't care, we still love it.


So far so good

6/8/2017 by Laura

I love the Purple color optioni. So far I have no complaints about the WISP broom/dust pan set.


Have pets? This is necessary!

6/2/2017 by Linda

We have a long haired cat and a dog who sheds his long coat daily. Up until we used the WISP, this was a huge job as the hair always got stuck on the bottom of the broom. THE WISP IS FANTASTIC as it addresses this issue and the small WISP is highly effective on removing cat hair from the furniture.


Super for wood floors, and ergonomic too!

6/2/2017 by JCMinNH

This just arrived yesterday. Several months ago I moved into a new place with mostly wood floors. Not easy to keep up with and a pain to pull out the vacuum as frequently as I should.
This is so easy to use, ergonomic, and I love how the handle extends. Slides under furniture easily and the dustpan is not your mother's dustpan. Wow, holding it w/ my foot and sweeping into it--love it!
Haven't used the little guy, yet, but it will have its uses, also.
Thanks folks--this is a keeper!



11/1/2019 by Karen

This helps me sweep up kitty litter. Not perfect, but pretty good.

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The WISP Story

A whole new take on the dustpan and broom.

Spotless Sweep

This household essential just got a sweeping makeover.

WISP’s one-handed broom is armed with dense, short bristles that stay flush to the floor. And the bristles are electrostatic, too, so they’ll attract pet hair, dirt, and even glass into its foot-controlled, hands-free dustpan. It’s thorough, which means fewer passes with the broom.

Eben Dobson is an avid golfer (nicknamed “Wisp” for his small stature and fluid swing) who designed his first prototype to pick debris off of a golf course. It worked so well that he decided to retool it for indoors, corralling dirt off of difficult surfaces
(e.g. carpets, tiles, wood, furniture).

The dustpan creates a tight seal against the ground, so you’ll sweep into, not under it. And Eben even thought to tackle smaller jobs, with the mini WISP. It’s small enough to fit in a glove compartment or office drawer for on-the-go cleaning.

Whatever you’re keeping clean, WISP will help you do a faster, easier, more complete job.
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