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One-Handed Broom and Mini Broom Set Case of 4

Reviews (3.9 out of 5 Grommets)

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I like that the dustpan attaches and helps clean the broom

6/14/2017 by Sara

Unfortunately, it doesn't clean it super well... Also, the way the dustpan attaches can be hard to do and undo.

Response from the Maker:

Thank your for your feedback.  The way the WISPpan attaches to the WISPsystem can be tricky at first but it becomes second nature very quickly.  It's actually a very clever design how it stays together. Please contact us if you have any questions on its use and we'll be happy to walk you through using your WISP.


Not for me

6/12/2017 by Ravonda

This sounded amazing. It is made from cheap plastic. The broom works no differently on my tile floor than any other broom. The dust pan works less effectively than regular dust pans. The only difference is that you can gently put your foot on it and not bend down. I would not press too hard because of the quality of the plastic

Response from the Maker:

Thank you for your feedback.  The material used is light weight for easy use and the WISPpan is designed to flex when you step on it to create a pan to floor seal. You can press very hard on the WISPpan as it's designed to take the pressure (and trust us, its anything but cheap). We back our WISP's with 100% satisfaction.   So please contact The Grommet if there's any way we can assist you.  Thank you for choosing WISP!


4/2/2019 by Sharon

I was looking forward to this broom and wisk but was disappointed when received and tried to put together. Main broom did not clip in fir storage
so I have returned. Really wanted something easy and storable as live in an apartment. Good thought but was just not for me.


Broke after 6 weeks :0(

1/21/2018 by Kristin

Was loving the performance of the broom and the handsfree dustpan but it broke at the extension joint during an everyday sweep. Not sure if we had a bad unit or if the quality is inadequate.
Wishing it had lasted longer for the price.


Not great

1/16/2018 by A M

Looked great when I ordered this, but am disappointed in the bristles & the ability to reach corner crumbs, etc. took many tries to clean entryway of debris. Wouldn’t recommend.


Great idea but didn't work for me

10/10/2017 by Maria

I was disappointed in the product. It didn't work out for me. However it may work for other individuals.



6/28/2017 by Xinh

This item is not convenient for me to use also it's not easy to put it in and take it out. I don't feel comfortable at all and special I'm afraid to brake it.

Response from the Maker:

Thank you for your feedback.   We back our product with 100% satisfaction.  The WISPpan in particular was designed to flex when stepped on to create a perfect pan to floor seal.  Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. Enjoy using your WISP!    


It's just okay

6/15/2017 by Pat

Boy I hate to give a bad review but in my opinion this is not worth the money. Especially the mini hand broom. The One-Handed Broom looks so easy to hook back together but each time I've struggled! Plus I'm not sure it "captures" the dirt any better than a regular broom. Stepping on the dust pan seems like a good idea but remember ya still gotta bend over to pick it up unlike the one I have with a long handle. I got it when they ran a sale and still paid $41 for a BROOM! My bad...guess I should return it but I don't have the heart to crush someone's dream.

Response from the Maker:

Thank you for your feedback.  If you are still having issues connecting the WISP to the pan there are letters on both that you need to line up so it will snap into place.  The bristles should be facing upward for protection.  The bristles are short and compact so it captures all hair and debris and not get flung across the floor.  We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee so please contact The Grommet if you'd like to return it for a full refund.


Not a great grabber of pet hair

6/14/2017 by Gina

I wanted to love this WISP, but it has the functionality of an ordinary broom. The handle, even fully extended is short for anyone over 5'5" in height, limiting your reach and leverage to get a good angle on capturing dirt. The key feature of the WISP is the hands-free dustpan, which sits almost seamlessly to the floor, enabling you to sweep in every last particle. The mini broom and dustpan, while cute and somewhat functional, presents a bit of a storage problem because there is no way to hang it with the larger unit or hang it anywhere else in the broom closet.

Finally, the WISP is not a great grabber of pet hair. It picks up a few hairs in its bristles, but leaves many more behind.

I would not recommend the WISP to a friend, as the cost is too high for a great dustpan accompanied by a mediocre broom and whisk broom set.

Response from the Maker:

Thank you for your feedback.  The WISP extends out in two places.  I am 5'11 and my WISP is the perfect hight for me while using it with a one-handed pulling motion.  When you WISP, you hold the handle with one hand WISPing the hair and debris towards you or away from you.  You place the bristles flat to the floor and it will catch all the hair and debris in your path because our bristles are short and compact so nothing gets through.  We are currently working on a storage option for the miniWISP.  We love any feedback to help us make better and more efficient. Please feel free to contact The Grommet if you need assistance or would like to return it for a full refund.


Not fond of it

6/9/2017 by Merle

I found it difficult to handle and it's so small that it takes forever to sweep my floors. I would not recommend this product.

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The WISP Story

A whole new take on the dustpan and broom.

Spotless Sweep

This household essential just got a sweeping makeover.

WISP’s one-handed broom is armed with dense, short bristles that stay flush to the floor. And the bristles are electrostatic, too, so they’ll attract pet hair, dirt, and even glass into its foot-controlled, hands-free dustpan. It’s thorough, which means fewer passes with the broom.

Eben Dobson is an avid golfer (nicknamed “Wisp” for his small stature and fluid swing) who designed his first prototype to pick debris off of a golf course. It worked so well that he decided to retool it for indoors, corralling dirt off of difficult surfaces
(e.g. carpets, tiles, wood, furniture).

The dustpan creates a tight seal against the ground, so you’ll sweep into, not under it. And Eben even thought to tackle smaller jobs, with the mini WISP. It’s small enough to fit in a glove compartment or office drawer for on-the-go cleaning.

Whatever you’re keeping clean, WISP will help you do a faster, easier, more complete job.
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