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Pure Vermont Maple Syrup

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Pure maple

9/30/2020 by Grace

Delicious! I tried it on Jamacian chicken with other seasonings. Rum flavor will work on some Caribbean dishes. Would like to try other flavors.



6/24/2020 by Norma

Given as a gift...he was pleased with it!


I Order This Often!

10/28/2019 by Cheryl

I love Wood's Maple Syrups. I make Candied Walnuts with the Syrup. You don't need to add sugar just the Maple Syrup. My favorite is the "Ghosted" Infused with Ghost Peppers. I use the Bourbon "Barrel Aged" for my Friends and Family who don't like the Heat.
*2 Cups Walnut Halves (Not Pieces)
*1/3 Cup Wood's Maple Syrup (Any Flavor)
*First Add Syrup to the pan then the Walnuts
*Heat in a Stainless Steel Skillet over med-medium high heat for 3-4 minutes until the syrup coats the walnuts and is slightly thickened. Do not use less time. Place on parchment paper on a cookie sheet. I put the cookie sheet in to the refrigerator for an hour. Store them in covered containers (that seal tight). Give as gifts or enjoy them for yourself! Sometimes I will add ground Saigon Cinnamon to the syrup before adding the walnuts.


Best maple syrup

10/15/2019 by Sue

Best syrup ever. My daughter uses it for cooking and loves it.


Most Excellent!

5/10/2019 by Trent

Got the bourbon flavored one & it is most wonderful. Will try others soon.



2/24/2019 by Ro

Excellent taste - enjoyed the hit of rum flavor - use gingerly since bottle on the small side


A repeat and just as delicious

1/5/2019 by Valerie

My family enjoyed this last Christmas so I reordered this Christmas. Unfortunately only one of the two bottles came by Christmas but in our case this did not cause a problem. The taste is delicious and we particularly like to serve it to overnight guests as something a bit special.



9/24/2018 by Mark

OMG, I love the subtle flavor of rum in the background.



8/16/2018 by Bonnie

Want to try something really different??? Try the smoked syrup! I got it accidentally and loved the flavor it gave my barbecue!!! Seriously!!! Then, we tried the maple cream. My husband put a bit of it on a plain cookie. What a delightful surprise!!! And Al answers all your questions, too! He's so helpful and kind! I felt like I had gotten a treat all the way around!


Great purchase!

7/25/2018 by Amanda


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The Wood's Vermont Syrup Co. Story

Have you ever put maple syrup HERE?

Maple Madness

Traditionally made, but uniquely flavored, Wood’s specialty flavored maple syrup is like no maple syrup you’ve had before.

Maker Albee Wood makes the syrup the way it’s been made on his family’s farm for five generations, tapping more than 5,000 trees and boiling down the sap. Then he gets creative, even aging some of the syrup in bourbon or rum barrels.

You can use this flavored maple syrup in so many new ways—in sauces, for baking, over ice cream, and even in cocktails. It’s packaged for gifting and perfect for anyone who loves to eat.

In another innovative twist, Wood also makes a maple
cream, whipping the syrup until the liquid is removed and the texture is like butter. It spreads like butter too, and won’t make pancakes—or anything else you spread it on—soggy. It will just make them delicious. Read More Read Less