Pure Wool Dryer Balls

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So far so good

12/28/2017 by Susan

I have used the Woolsey’s on about three laundry loads of my own. It seems like they are working just fine, as advertised, no static cling, laundry seems soft and there is no annoying scent.
I will continue to use them and recommend them.


works pretty well

12/15/2017 by Kathleen

I have high efficiency washer and dryer. I've never been really pleased with how the clothes come out of the dryer even with a dryer sheet. Too wrinkled and not that soft. So I thought I'd give these a try. I have been quite pleased with them. Been using them for about 2 months. The clothes come out much softer and with fewer wrinkled. There can be a bit of static, but nothing that lasts. Obviously there is a bit more noise, but nothing that bad. All in all, I am pleased with these and will continue using them.


Great product

12/8/2017 by Lucy

I am so pleased with these Woolzies. The work great at softening everything. I also like that I no longer have to buy fabric softener sheets. I just keep these in the dryer ready for use. Highly recommend.


Highly recommended!

11/27/2017 by Charlene

This is a recent purchase so I cannot say how long Woolzies last, but I do like them much better than dryer sheets. Certain lint-attracting fabrics come out of the dryer without lint when you use Woolzies instead of disposable dryer sheets. They also seem less wrinkled and softer. I just leave the wool ball in the dryer all the time, which saves the step of remembering to put in a dryer sheet, and throwing it out.


No more chemicals!

11/15/2017 by Melissa

I wash uniforms daily and was skeptical at first. Once I used these I was pleasantly suprised by the outcome. No wrinkles and no static cling.


Very positive

10/29/2017 by Marianne

Use them instead of dryer sheets. No false chemical odors just fluffy clothes. Feels healthy.



10/28/2017 by Sarah

I was very impressed with these balls. I also ordered the vanilla oil as well. It leaves my clothes very soft.



10/27/2017 by Carole

I really didn’t expect them to work — nice surprise


Great alternative

9/21/2017 by Jessica

Now they tell us our dryer sheets contain carcinogens. This is a terrific alternative: simple, reusable (I'm sure these 3 I have ordered will last me forever), they decrease drying time, and you can add your favorite essential oil directly onto the ball if you miss the fresh laundry scent. Highly recommended!


Great idea!

9/8/2017 by Jacqueline

I actually got my first dryer balls from a temporary salesman at our local Sam's Club that came with another product. I've used them in every single load of laundry I have run through my dryer since and it is time to replace those with some newer ones. This is a great place to find all sorts of crazy and funny inventions and a lot of very useful ones too!

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The Woolzies Story

Woolzies - Natural Fabric Softener Dryer Balls

Naturally Soft

When the laundry comes tumbling out of the dryer, we want it to feel soft and smell good. If you’ve been using the same synthetic dryer sheets for years, it’s time for a change. There’s a new kid on the block, and it’s a lamb of a product.

Meet Woolzies. These are dryer balls with a difference. Composed of soft yet supple New Zealand wool, Woolzies will eliminate static cling, reduce dryer time (which saves energy), and make your clothes and linens super soft. Woolzies won’t melt or disintegrate, and they last for load upon load of laundry. These dryer balls are all natural and have no
artificial smell or residue. They also beat out wrinkles so you don’t have to iron.

Woolzies come to us from Soft By Nature, a family-owned company run by eco-advocate Eli Feuer in New York’s Hudson Valley region. The New Zealand wool is turned into balls in Nepal, where the work is an important source of income for many women, so you can feel good about your purchase. We would never pull the wool(zies) over your eyes.
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