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Pure Wool Dryer Balls

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Reviews (4.5 out of 5 Grommets)

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Love My Woolzies!

12/12/2016 by Julie

Woolzies completely replace Dryer Sheets and are cheaper to use! A wonderful gift idea!


Save the environment AND cash. Win-Win!

12/7/2016 by Laura

I've been using Woolsies for about three weeks now. At first, the static electricity was ridiculous. I used six balls in each dryer load and, wile the clothes DID seem to dry in a little shorter time, the static was bad enough that I considered sending the balls back. HOWEVER, I'm glad I didn't. after the first five or ten loads, the static disappeared and our clothes became softer and dried more quickly. My husband misses the smell of the fabric softener sheets, so I folded a couple of the ones I still had left and put them in the linen closet. The scent isn't as strong as it was when I was using them in the dryer (which is a good thing, as far as I'm concerned) but still provides something familiar :) I purchased two more boxes for gifts and I'm excited about giving something I enjoy using so much. *One more thing...I'm sure you can find these for less on some other site BUT I've chosen to purchase items from The Grommet specifically because of their policy to support things that are important to me: providing exposure for entrepreneurs, encouraging production of products that are earth-friendly, helping causes that need support that they may no longer get from public sources...I know it's difficult to make decisions and willingly (if not enthusiastically) choose to pay a little more. but when you purchase something from a site like The Grommet, you're doing much more than simply buying something unique - you're DOING something important.
Just my opinion, of course!


Fabulous product - softens clothes as well as speeds drying.

12/5/2016 by Barbara

This is the second time I have purchased these wool dryer balls. They are quiet in the dryer, do not catch on clothes as some dryer balls do, and my drying cycle seems to be shorter when I use these balls rather than the plastic ones. I purchased a six pack early last year and eventually they unraveled, although for months I continued to use them by tying knots in the wool and keeping them together in somewhat lumpy spheres. I love the way my clothes feel after they have been dried with these Woolzies in the dryer. I think they are a great product. And because I'm a 'reuse, recycle person', I'm working on ideas of how to use the soft wool that they are made of when they finally lose their shape.


Love these

12/3/2016 by Trisha

I use these exclusively


Great alternative to dryer sheets

11/27/2016 by Rheanna

I have pretty severe skin allergies and just can't use dryer sheets - but my clothes and linens are so staticky. Enter the Woolzies! Delightful product - really do help with the static level and help to keep dryer times shorter with none of the chemicals or fragrances from dryer sheets. When I saw that they also sell scented Woolzies, I decided to add some essential oils to mine and had fresh scented clothes (and washroom!). Highly recommend these!


Soft clothes

11/13/2016 by Jessica

Love these in place of fabric softener. Clothes are much softer and cheaper than buying fabric softener. Happy to keep chemicals out of my clothes and environment.


Make clothes super soft!

11/7/2016 by Darice

Work great. Surprised by how big there were but they work wonderfully.


Great product

11/4/2016 by Clifford R

Put these in and used them right away. I have noticed shorter drying times. I have done the laundry in my household for a long time and have a general idea on run time. After using these I had to refigure the drying time as it is shorter now. Good product.



11/4/2016 by Bearwife

These are QUIET compared to normal dryer balls and they do the job. Be aware you put 'em all in.


Works Well!

11/1/2016 by PJ

This is my second box. It works well. I feel this does a great job in my dryer and has NO SCENT! That is important to me. It's always fun to see where those balls are hiding in the laundry.

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The Woolzies Story

Woolzies - Natural Fabric Softener Dryer Balls

Naturally Soft

When the laundry comes tumbling out of the dryer, we want it to feel soft and smell good. If you’ve been using the same synthetic dryer sheets for years, it’s time for a change. There’s a new kid on the block, and it’s a lamb of a product.

Meet Woolzies. These are dryer balls with a difference. Composed of soft yet supple New Zealand wool, Woolzies will eliminate static cling, reduce dryer time (which saves energy), and make your clothes and linens super soft. Woolzies won’t melt or disintegrate, and they last for load upon load of laundry. These dryer balls are all natural and have no
artificial smell or residue. They also beat out wrinkles so you don’t have to iron.

Woolzies come to us from Soft By Nature, a family-owned company run by eco-advocate Eli Feuer in New York’s Hudson Valley region. The New Zealand wool is turned into balls in Nepal, where the work is an important source of income for many women, so you can feel good about your purchase. We would never pull the wool(zies) over your eyes.
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