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Pure Wool Dryer Balls

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Reviews (4.5 out of 5 Grommets)

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11/15/2013 by Cynthia

The description says that the Woolzies (if you buy and use all six at a time) will eliminate static. Many of the items come out with lots of static, so that part doesn't seem to work. The clothes do feel a little softer. I didn't see the drying time get any shorter, but there was a lot more junk in the link grabber area of my dryer. I don't know if that is good or bad. I'm hoping that with time, the static will lessen, but I guess I'll have to use a fabric sheet to go with these (kind of defies the purpose of buying these).


Wool balls to the rescue

11/10/2018 by Robert

I have a washer/dryer in a single unit that is ventless. So humidity during the drying phase is high. These balls really help dry the clothes more quickly.


Worst Product Ever

4/14/2018 by Pam

I've always expected The Grommet to vet products prior to listing them for sale. Very disappointing. These dryer balls cause so much static cling - just the opposite as advertised. They do NOT work! Don't waste your money.


Can't recommend

1/9/2017 by Samantha

Not happy. I wanted to love these, and had been meaning to order them for a while. I got a set for myself and one for my daughter. Both of us had the same reaction. Clothes are wrinkled, and the static cling is terrible. Back to dryer sheets for us both. I'm very disappointed in this product. Perhaps when it is not so bitter cold and there is less static they will work better.


Natural Laundry Softener?

5/27/2016 by Catherine

When I read about these, I was very excited. Finally thought I could throw away my dryer sheets! But, this was not to be. I do not dry my shirts, pants, and skirts thoroughly in the dryer. The clothes I do, along with the ones I partially dry, receive no added benefit from laundry softening. I still had static cling. Small or medium loads. I had heard great things about dryer balls, I'm just disappointed this didn't work.


overpriced idea

7/11/2015 by Ly

These are the exact same size as tennis balls, folks. There is no difference except for the color.


Static review

3/23/2015 by jennifer

I see absolutely no reason to use this product. The towels were not softer and the static was electric! I had high hopes for this product and can only give it a thumbs down.


Very disappointed & not what reviews indicate!

1/20/2015 by Pam

Ok, not sure what I am doing wrong. Bought these based on reviews of reducing static cling, that was my primary desire for them. I have been using 6 balls in all dryer loads for 4 weeks and I have more static than I ever did. Articles of clothing that don't normally become static do now while using these. There is so much static, Cotton t-shirts and boxers even spark and crackle when folding, not to mention the poly or nylon items. This week I rolled up tinfoil balls the size of the wool balls and added two of them into the load w/ the wool balls. what is going on?? When I empty the dryer the wool fibers on the balls themselves are even static and standing on end, they certainly don't look smooth the one in picture! Anyone with suggestions, I would greatly appreciate it, otherwise, very disappointed!


Don't understand

11/12/2014 by Janice

Was disappointed. Have not noticed clothes, especially towels, getting any softer. Black items come out covered in white fuzz.


hasn't lived up to the claims

11/5/2014 by Michelle

I have been using these for the past month and I have not noticed any reduction in drying time. My kids told me that they noticed the difference in their clothes and sheets by the way that they feel and not in a good way. My kids told me that their clothes feel rougher not softer. I still have issues with static electricity even though I am using these dryer balls. I am, unfortunately, quite disappointed in them.

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The Woolzies Story

Woolzies - Natural Fabric Softener Dryer Balls

Naturally Soft

When the laundry comes tumbling out of the dryer, we want it to feel soft and smell good. If you’ve been using the same synthetic dryer sheets for years, it’s time for a change. There’s a new kid on the block, and it’s a lamb of a product.

Meet Woolzies. These are dryer balls with a difference. Composed of soft yet supple New Zealand wool, Woolzies will eliminate static cling, reduce dryer time (which saves energy), and make your clothes and linens super soft. Woolzies won’t melt or disintegrate, and they last for load upon load of laundry. These dryer balls are all natural and have no
artificial smell or residue. They also beat out wrinkles so you don’t have to iron.

Woolzies come to us from Soft By Nature, a family-owned company run by eco-advocate Eli Feuer in New York’s Hudson Valley region. The New Zealand wool is turned into balls in Nepal, where the work is an important source of income for many women, so you can feel good about your purchase. We would never pull the wool(zies) over your eyes.
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