Pure Wool Dryer Balls

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1/5/2015 by B. Lee

Waste of money. All the claims were false: The Woolzies DID NOT eliminate/reduce static cling; they DID NOT reduce drying time; and they WERE NOT quiet.


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10/14/2014 by Catherine

I was really excited to use these for all the reasons in the product description, but was disappointed. First of all the worst part was they left white fibres all over my clothes which really stood out on black T-shirts. I did notice a slight difference in drying time and they really did help in stopping sheets from getting all twisted and balled up.



8/21/2014 by Cheryl

I was not impressed with these dryer balls. Today I took a load out of the dryer and the clothes were full of static. It also does not substantially cut down on drying time.


Didn"t work for me

7/7/2014 by Joyce

I had hoped these would work in my dryer, but I have noticed no difference.


Nice idea doesn't work

4/12/2014 by Barbara

I loved the idea of sustainable alternative to dryer sheets. Unfortunately these don't work.


Ok, may not buy again

4/4/2014 by Kris

I put one in the dryer with my clothes and didn't notice any shortened drying time. I've used them about 15 times already. Now I'm getting static cling in my clothes. It's a nice concept but I don't think I'll purchase any more.


Don't eliminate static

3/13/2014 by Donna

They don't eliminate static. My clothes are just as staticy as before. They do make the clothes soft. My dog loves to steal them too.


still waiting for the "wow" factor

1/29/2014 by Karen

Truthfully, I'm not impressed with Woolzies--I have a lot of static. I am even using the "hint" of crumpled up foil that is recommended if there's a lot of static--still have static. I have read all the comments and should mention that they do make noise, not that noise in the laundry room is cause for concern but it is there--since my buzzer is quiet I also listen for the noise to stop to let me know when the load is done. I'll keep using them for a while to see if anything changes since so many people love them. We'll see...


Would not recommend

11/17/2013 by Richard

Used all 6 balls in dryer as recommended when purchased. The balls did seem to help reduce drying time, maybe slightly reduced wrinkles but did not eliminate static. Had to re-dry clothes with anti-static cloths added.



11/15/2013 by Cynthia

The description says that the Woolzies (if you buy and use all six at a time) will eliminate static. Many of the items come out with lots of static, so that part doesn't seem to work. The clothes do feel a little softer. I didn't see the drying time get any shorter, but there was a lot more junk in the link grabber area of my dryer. I don't know if that is good or bad. I'm hoping that with time, the static will lessen, but I guess I'll have to use a fabric sheet to go with these (kind of defies the purpose of buying these).

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The Woolzies Story

Woolzies - Natural Fabric Softener Dryer Balls

Naturally Soft

When the laundry comes tumbling out of the dryer, we want it to feel soft and smell good. If you’ve been using the same synthetic dryer sheets for years, it’s time for a change. There’s a new kid on the block, and it’s a lamb of a product.

Meet Woolzies. These are dryer balls with a difference. Composed of soft yet supple New Zealand wool, Woolzies will eliminate static cling, reduce dryer time (which saves energy), and make your clothes and linens super soft. Woolzies won’t melt or disintegrate, and they last for load upon load of laundry. These dryer balls are all natural and have no
artificial smell or residue. They also beat out wrinkles so you don’t have to iron.

Woolzies come to us from Soft By Nature, a family-owned company run by eco-advocate Eli Feuer in New York’s Hudson Valley region. The New Zealand wool is turned into balls in Nepal, where the work is an important source of income for many women, so you can feel good about your purchase. We would never pull the wool(zies) over your eyes.
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