360º Stainless Steel Water Bottle Case of 12

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Fits in my car cup holder, no splash.

10/19/2020 by judy

Great size, have not found a cup holder it does not fit in. Yay. the top is versatile in that it does not allow splash out, or let liquid puddle in the top. Super easy to clean and sanitize this top and silicone lid. Note both lids can be detached which makes them easy to loose, but I am careful, so that is not an issue for me. Very sturdy construction and will be my hot, cold cup for a good long time.


Performs as promised

6/22/2020 by Renee

It seems kind of amazing, but this bottle really doesn't spill or leak when it falls over or even held upside down. I have carried it in my purse without getting anything else wet. The only thing to be careful about is not to fill it too much -- when I do, there is little dripping from the overflow.


Traveling Dry

10/26/2019 by Sharon

I am a happy water drinker again! I take my water to classes, church and any other place I go. I carry a bag with my tablet and other papers, now when my bag falls over I don’t jump to wipe up everything because my precious water doesn’t spill! Yah!


Great Birthday Gift

10/21/2019 by Lynn

My son is self-employed (he invented a potting soil that he sells in Michigan) and he is on the road a great deal. He loved this gift because if he wants to take hot coffee in the morning, it's hot until it's gone, and the same is true if he wants to carry cold water with him. It was a great gift for him and saves many, many plastic bottles!


Not just for kids anymore

9/23/2019 by Debbie

I got the 22oz size, which is perfect for me to carry around all day as a supplement water source. I love that it's leak-proof, I don't have to look for where to drink from, and that the lid cleans well in the dishwasher so I don't have to worry about gunk in spaces I can't get to. The water flow is less than gushing, so you have to put a small amount of effort into it, and it takes a little getting used to drinking this way. But if a 1-yr-old can do it, so can I.


Easy to use

9/19/2019 by Pam

This water is different from any I've ever owned. The rim around drinking top is convenient and easy to use. I especially like the cover that keeps it clean between uses. I am very happy with this water bottle.



10/1/2019 by holly

I wanted a larger water bottle, and this seemed ideal with the 360 mouthpiece as my toddler likes to share. Unfortunately, it requires a LOT of effort to get the water out and it is very noisy to do so; also, I am not happy that the plastic ring comes into contact with your mouth. Quality is good; concept needs improved.



9/22/2019 by jack

I didn't know it would be so hard to drink out of this cup. Any order to get the water or fluid out of the cup, you have to mash your lips together to squeeze the fluted liner and then suck real hard to get anything to come out. Not worth the effort.

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