Larch Wood

End Grain Double Cheese Board

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Beautiful and more!

6/6/2018 by Nana Kate

The larchwood cutting board is simply beautiful! It also is easy to clear and protect. Using the end cuts (that make the interesting pattern) means it is heals the cuts you make in the surface of the wood, prolonging its usefulness. I purchased this one as a gift because I enjoy mine so much!

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The Larch Wood Story

A cutting board with no cut marks.

Self-healing Board

This glossy, end grain wood cutting board is self-healing and life-lasting.

Each board is harvested and assembled from Larch logs in a small Nova Scotia mill. The wood fibers are lined vertically so they can close and heal after you’ve cut them.

The flexible end grain will self-cleanse and squeeze out any excess color, bacteria, or food, and the rubber feet prevent moisture from getting trapped. Besides its magical healing properties—the board has intricate gradients and patterns that you’ll uncover by cutting across the growth rings.

Chefs praise the density of end grain because it absorbs
the impact of blades and even helps keep them sharp. With proper seasoning and care, a Larch Wood board will be helping you prep and looking great for generations. Read More Read Less