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Great Idea. Keep the styrofoam packing

10/17/2019 by tim

Keep that frustrating and hard to dispose of styrofoam packing and Ducttape a piece to the top rail to keep from scratching the surface of whatever you are resting against. Or, get a piece of plumbing insulation and do the same. This is more of an outside ladder. See that hardwood floor in the pic? Don't get faceplanted on the doorknob and make sure the feet are secure and the angle appropriate for use. Get lazy off the sofa to hold the feet securely.


Fantastic ladder!

2/24/2019 by PATRICIA A

I moved into a home with 18 ft ceilings. I was able to confidently put up my wall gallery. The ladder works great and is light enough to carry and compact enough to store in a closet.


I can finally get to the storage above my garage by myself!

2/14/2019 by Kathryn

This ladder is lightweight enough that I can easily set it up by myself and access things in the storage space above our cars in the garage! I'm pretty small, and in the past relied on my husband to extend the ladder when I needed to get something, so I'm really happy to be able to do it myself. Be careful not to pinch yourself when it retracts.


It's great

2/14/2019 by Phil

This was a Christmas gift for my son. He needed access to storage high up in his apartment. The ladder works great, and it stores easily in a closet in an apartment where space is at a premium.


Handy and lightweight

2/5/2019 by Jan

I have used this in my home countless times. I’m 65 but still want to do my own decorating, touch ups, out of reach cleaning, etc, and this works great for that. I can carry it anywhere and feel totally secure climbing up the rungs. It ties up nicely for portability. I stress a little when I’m closing it since it releases swiftly, but I review the directions before closing just to make sure I’m holding it correctly. I would recommend it highly.


Works as Advertized!

1/26/2019 by Ricky

I want to say this ladder works just the way the advertised it. Its light and convenient. Sturdy is a better word. I love it and would gladly tell others about it. Thanks again!


Awesome Ladder

1/2/2019 by Patricia

So far I have bought 2 of these ladders. One for me and the second as a gift for my son in law. The ladder collapses to a very manageable size and can be carted around easily. I use it in my barn, house and where ever I need a ladder. Very well made and sturdy. This will be my go to ladder from now on. Great Product.


Best ladder

10/8/2018 by Donna

This ladder worked perfectly for my husband


Excited to use!

8/26/2018 by Nancy

I haven't had the chance to use the new ladder much yet, but I played with it a bit. It's easy to extend and collapse, easy to carry, and easy to store in the space I have. I have 10' ceilings in part of my house, so this ladder is exactly what I need for inside jobs. And outside, too.

Sounds nuts but I'm looking forward to cleaning all the high cabinets and bookshelves in my house now!


Great ladder!

7/26/2018 by WWS

Perfect to have for basically any job that needs a ladder. It retracts down to a great size for storage. Very sturdy. Highly recommend.

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The Xtend + Climb Story

Xtend + Climb | Retractable Ladders

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These telescoping ladders and stepstools are slimmed-down versions of the classics—light enough to carry with one one arm and slight enough to store in a closet or a trunk.

Xtend + Climb’s extension ladders have a retractable design that extends into a full-fledged ladder, then collapses rung by rung into something that’s compact and easy to tow and stow.

The aluminum stepstools help tackle tasks around the house, whether it’s giving kids a boost in the bathroom or helping you reach those high shelves and closet spaces.

Carry them as effortlessly as you climb them—these robust stepping tools
dispel any bulky misconceptions you might have of what a ladder looks like. Read More Read Less