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11/7/2017 by Statia

I bought a few of these for my daughter and her friends. They love them! Sadly hers got lost and I would love to replace it with the dandelion (that is shown) that she had before, but i don't see it as an option.


Perfectly exactly what I needed

8/27/2017 by Abigail

I needed a card holder for my purse, so I didn't have to carry all my card in a wallet. Aside from a wallet, the other only solutions allowed the cards to slide out - danger! These are held comopletely snugly, and it's very very compact. Seems even more compact than the stack of cards. One request is that there be an optional gommet (yes, I meant that) so that I can tether it to my handbag. The fabric gives a good hold, but more secure is even better. Thanks!!



5/12/2017 by Karen

This is great for a variety of uses! Hold your gift cards, loyalty cards, cash...lightweight.


Yay Billfold

5/4/2017 by Patricia

I bought 2 of the Yay billfolds a couple of years ago. I love mine use it all the time. Gifted one to my sister. Her response is the same as mine. I just bought 2 more for small gifts. They are great.


Great for special cards

2/5/2017 by Cynthia

Stop carrying purses, the safest way to carry your cards.


perfect for the person who doesn't like wallets

1/13/2017 by Sherry

My husband will not use a wallet. For years he would use the card holder (it was like wax paper) from the bank for all his cards; credit cards, business cards, etc. The only problem is those bank card holders did not last long, and became harder and harder to come by. When I saw these on The Grommet last year I bought some. He LOVED them. As we came closer to Christmas 2016, I noticed that he seemed to need MORE of these to accommodate the additional business cards he had accumulated and hold cash as well. So I bought another one. The original one's I purchased over a year ago are in as great a shape as the new one I bought. They truly last. :-)


It lightens my load

12/21/2016 by Crystal

I use my YaY wallet when I want to be hands free. My purse tends to collect too much stuff. I can put this little wallet in my pocket and have easy access to cash, my driver's license, and a credit card. It is easy to keep with my traditional wallet when I need to carry a purse.

My 20 year old son noticed it yesterday and had a covetous look in his eye as he asked me where I got it. I don't know how durable it will be, but I am very pleased so far.

This is my first purchase from The Grommet. I had been thinking about for a long time. When the free shipping offer came up, I decided to try it out.


Collector's Item

12/15/2016 by Margaret

I call it a collector's item because it collects credit cards and my drivers license so nicely. It holds them firmly without letting them rub against each other. I frequently put it in my Spibelt for one more layer of security. I have the Flush of Hearts version and I like it a lot.



12/6/2016 by C. Sam

When I go to Chicago, I leave my handbag at home, put credit card, cash and drivers license in this terrific little Ya Y
Wallet. Love it!


Really cute and well made!

12/5/2016 by Mary

I got these for my adult kids for Christmas. They are perfect for their business cards! They are well made. I like how the material holds it shape; it keeps things nice and snug inside but allows easy access to cards and cash. And the prints are colorful and fun.

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The YaY Wallet Story

YaY Wallet - Slim Card Holders

Go Slim. Do Good.

YaY Wallets are a funky, ultra-slim alternative to traditional wallets. Made in the USA of durable elastic, these minimalist cash and card holders range in styles from colorful to quirky. And since they’re inexpensive, you don't have to choose just one—switch them up based on your outfit or mood.

Founder Sunchea Phou’s story is a touching, important part of YaY Novelty. Born during the Cambodian genocide, Sunchea lost her father and two brothers at the age of one. She spent years in a refugee camp, eventually immigrating to North America where she built a successful fashion industry career
(even designing Seattle Seahawks uniforms). But she hasn't forgotten her homeland and their continued challenges.

Sunchea started YaY Novelty to help free Cambodians from poverty, poor health, and unsafe drinking water. 20% of YaY’s profits go to her non-profit Year Zero Foundation, to educate children as well as offer clean water and medicine to their communities. That charity works to educate children, in addition to providing communities with basic clean water and medicine.

Express your personality—and your compassion—with a YaY Wallet.
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