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12/13/2016 by Joye

I like them



10/7/2018 by Nadine

I'm sorry to say that I am very disappointed with my purchase. If you put more than 3 cards in you have to fight to get out. Putting the card back in is a chore.....I'm sorry to say I wasted my money and won't be using your product..


Too small

3/17/2018 by Irma

The product is too small for credit cards


Bad dye job

12/20/2016 by Andrea M

Loved the design when ordering. But the yellow background color is actually more of a sickly green. I love how this product works. I'm just disappointed that every time I need a credit card, I have to look at this really ugly holder. I wanted the design in the photo (the stamps), but I've checked repeatedly, and it's never been available. A disappointment.


Too narrow

7/14/2019 by Sandra

My husband and I couldn't use theses. Cards have to be forced in and are horribly hard to get back out. Wasted 20.00.


YaY Wallet

3/22/2019 by Thomas

Biggest piece of junk I have ever purchased. You should be ashamed of yourself for selling crap like this.


Not so much

7/25/2018 by Joanne Klein

Seemed like a good idea at the time, but when I put my cards in it, it was difficult to open,therefore, limiting its usefulness.


Cheap Quality

7/15/2018 by Sandra

Really, can’t imagine, the glowing reviews but I found nothing of the sorts. Cheaply made..more like $.50 item from China. Didn’t even close properly, with a huge seam, so everything falls out.



6/23/2018 by Sandra

Nothing about this wallet is worth buying. Doesn’t even close properly so everything falls out. Looks like it cost .50 to make.

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The YaY Wallet Story

YaY Wallet - Slim Card Holders

Go Slim. Do Good.

YaY Wallets are a funky, ultra-slim alternative to traditional wallets. Made in the USA of durable elastic, these minimalist cash and card holders range in styles from colorful to quirky. And since they’re inexpensive, you don't have to choose just one—switch them up based on your outfit or mood.

Founder Sunchea Phou’s story is a touching, important part of YaY Novelty. Born during the Cambodian genocide, Sunchea lost her father and two brothers at the age of one. She spent years in a refugee camp, eventually immigrating to North America where she built a successful fashion industry career
(even designing Seattle Seahawks uniforms). But she hasn't forgotten her homeland and their continued challenges.

Sunchea started YaY Novelty to help free Cambodians from poverty, poor health, and unsafe drinking water. 20% of YaY’s profits go to her non-profit Year Zero Foundation, to educate children as well as offer clean water and medicine to their communities. That charity works to educate children, in addition to providing communities with basic clean water and medicine.

Express your personality—and your compassion—with a YaY Wallet.
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