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using the mat is very easy

6/19/2014 by Marion

I find that this mat does the job. I have done Yoga in the past but find this a good way to return to regular practice with the mat.


Awesome product

4/13/2014 by Mary

I love this mat and the video. I had no experience with yoga but I love it now.


great invention !!!

2/11/2014 by elizabeth

brilliant product and so comfie to stand on. best yoga mat I have ever had



1/22/2019 by Kris

Mat is ok,but it is too thin I like have thickness more.I am tall mat wide and length is good


Cool concept

7/6/2015 by Victoria

I've used this a few times and really enjoy it. Beside the guide, the cushion helps my knees.


Good way to learn poses

6/22/2014 by Julie

I have taken yoga classes several times in the past, so I am not new to yoga, but I have never had confidence that I was doing the poses the correct way. This mat makes it very clear where to position your feet, your hands, whatever when doing a pose. The only issue that I have is trying to keep up with the video. The descriptions are given very quickly and then you are on to the next pose. I think it would be helpful to describe the poses more slowly and then (maybe) pause to allow the student to attempt the pose before going into the next set of instructions. All in all, I think this is a great idea and will continue to work with the mat to increase my flexibility.


Needs a booklet with poses

6/19/2014 by kathy

The mat is well made and the concept yoga by numbers has promise. The DVD was nice as an introduction for the mat but went too fast to learn the poses. A booklet or poster with the poses would have been a nice addition. It would be nice if an hour yoga class on DVD using the yoga mat were available. I would purchase it. For now I am looking for a book with the poses in it.


So far, so good.

2/10/2014 by Deborah

Love the feel of the mat--I feel much steadier on it than I do my old, thin, plastic mat. It is a rubber product--it has yet to lose that distinct rubber smell. I love the idea of knowing where to place my feet and using the numbers to gauge improvements but I was also hoping for more from the CD as far as setting up a flow of movements. Of course, there are other places to get that. I have taken it to my yoga far, so good


Mixed emotions

3/10/2014 by Mary Ann

The mat is great. The instructional video was light in the instructions. I think the ad was 3 moves a day in about 10 minutes. There were instructions but no chance to repeat the move multiple times. I can't (like most people) learn something by only seeing it once. Any instructional videos should be shown to a novice before publishing. Repetition is the best way to learn. Keep working on it.



2/17/2014 by Rita

I am excited for this product because I have admired people who do yoga for years but I was intimidated to go to a class because of my own limitation. I was expecting a more day by day plan from the instructional DVD vs. all ten steps and here you go! A pause in the movement would be helpful so you could master the moved before you feel that you are pushed to next. It is not easy to stop the DVD , practice and move forward. I didn't have any info to direct these concerns to the creator! Otherwise, I am pleased.

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The Yoga by Numbers Story

Yoga for anyone, anywhere

Anyone, Anywhere Yoga

Yoga by Numbers is a system on a mission: Make yoga accessible to everyone. Their approach starts with a mat that guides your alignment via pre-printed number targets. Made in the USA with the help of Jade Yoga, the mat has a non-slip, cushioned surface that’s durable, too.

To help you get on your mat, Yoga by Numbers offers a whole suite of classes via a free app and YouTube channel. No need to stick to a studio’s schedule—you set your own. Choose from dozens of different yoga styles and ability levels. The app (for iPad) features free content, which will be continually refreshed with new
classes and offerings.

Elizabeth Morrow had the idea for Yoga by Numbers after yoga helped her recover from a serious illness. After experiencing yoga’s health benefits firsthand, Elizabeth wanted to make it accessible to everyone and anyone.

Her self-guided system is designed so that whatever your ability or availability, you’ll feel empowered to practice.
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