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3/28/2016 by CAROL

I love the concept, but could not use the mat because of the rubber smell it emitted. After 2 weeks of "airing out" the mat, I returned it.


mat fine, lessons very brief & incomplete

4/8/2014 by Ronald

Mat fine, DVD lousy - did not take time to repeat on opposite side with each pose.


No app on the iphone for yoga by numbers

9/22/2018 by Suzette

I have been wanting to get into yoga but having difficulty with body positioning and alignment. I bought the yoga by numbers mat hoping it will help me. Once I got my mat, I tried to download the app from my iphone as instructed but the app is no longer there. I would really appreciate it if there is a book where I could follow the steps and make it easy for me. There is no point for me having the mat wirhout the app.


unbelievably disappointing

1/19/2015 by Wendi

I had to put a rating on this in order to post. It's not worth a rating at all.

I did yoga a few years until a broken neck and leg stopped me in my tracks.

I thought this would be a great product to ease back into yoga. I was wrong.

My opinion, this product isn't worth the cost. It is extremely overpriced for a mat and DIY DVD.

I found a better DVD at Walmart and my old yoga mat was much better in comfort than this yoga by numbers mat.

This was very disappointing. I'd gladly send it back, that's how unhappy I am with it.


Do not spend the money.

5/3/2014 by Charlotte

Do not spend the money. You would do so much better with the purchase of a $20 DVD on yoga from a discount store. The DVD that comes with the oversized mat really isn't useful. I would price this product at about $39. max. Do not spend the money! There isn't a book that comes with the DVD so the DVD is of little use. The verbal instructions did not answer my questions. I purchase a lot of products online. This was my biggest mistake in a year. I guarantee you will not even enjoy the voice on the DVD.


For Yoga Mat by Numbers

4/1/2014 by becky

I am with Mary Ann, the mat is nice. However, the instruction video is lacking to say the least. Not only does it not give you an opportunity to review your pose or practice your pose the speaker is speaking so fast. I feel rushed. Yoga is a much slower paced, quieter, experience. It just didn't happen for me. I am disappointed, I purchased 2 sets. One for myself and one as a gift for my daughter. Without a different instruction video I think I am going to return my daughters. Just not worth the money.

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The Yoga by Numbers Story

Yoga for anyone, anywhere

Anyone, Anywhere Yoga

Yoga by Numbers is a system on a mission: Make yoga accessible to everyone. Their approach starts with a mat that guides your alignment via pre-printed number targets. Made in the USA with the help of Jade Yoga, the mat has a non-slip, cushioned surface that’s durable, too.

To help you get on your mat, Yoga by Numbers offers a whole suite of classes via a free app and YouTube channel. No need to stick to a studio’s schedule—you set your own. Choose from dozens of different yoga styles and ability levels. The app (for iPad) features free content, which will be continually refreshed with new
classes and offerings.

Elizabeth Morrow had the idea for Yoga by Numbers after yoga helped her recover from a serious illness. After experiencing yoga’s health benefits firsthand, Elizabeth wanted to make it accessible to everyone and anyone.

Her self-guided system is designed so that whatever your ability or availability, you’ll feel empowered to practice.
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