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Moist, not greasy

10/18/2018 by Margaret

Leaves skin moist and not greasy.



7/28/2018 by Kyle

I have one in the bathroom and one in my dressing room ... love how it relieves dry skin instantly!


Great moisturizer!

2/4/2014 by Pamela

When I first tried this, I didn't think it would be that great. It didn't feel like it was going to work. But amazingly, without being thick and gooey, it did! I have a small farm in the cold Northeast (and very snowy, this year) and am constantly washing my hands. I put this on at night, and I have not had any trouble with dry, sand-papery, cracked hands since. I am a fan.



1/31/2014 by Deborah

This lotion really works. I've got super dry skin and this does the trick.



1/30/2014 by arthur

My Wife says it is the best lotion she has every used. Immediate results.


Love it

1/23/2014 by Sherry

Love it and loved the samples. I will order again.



1/16/2014 by Connie

After trying dozens of lotions and creams to treat my dry, cracking skin in the winter months, I finally found something that is fast and effective. In 24 hours, my hands went from skin that was cracked and bleeding to feeling incredibly soft and healthy.
Yu-Be lotion does not feel greasy and dries quickly allowing me to apply and go about my day. I have allergies and am extremely sensitive to perfumes so it is a great bonus that the mild scent quickly disappears. And I didn't have to apply dozens of times throughout the day. After using just a few applications, my hands feel wonderful.

Yu-Be is definitely a 'keeper'!



2/20/2018 by Jitka

This item was $29 + almost $10 shipping for mere 10oz of lotion containing methylparaben, disodium EDTA and camphor (known to dry out the skin). I feel like I should have taken more time to think before hitting to buy immediately after watching the infomercial. Oh well. It is pleasant at first but shortly your hands will be just as dry as they were before. Thanks to Camphor, so you will need to put more. It's a cycle. I would not buy again.


OK lotion-not worth the money

1/28/2014 by Linda

This lotion is fine, but that's about it-certainly not worth $29.00



2/6/2014 by Lainie

Disappointing...expected much more considering it was a little on the costlier side. The lotion itself was way too light and did not feel like it had too many moisturizing benefits. Would not recommend.

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The Yu-Be Story

Yu-Be - Japanese Moisturizing Skin Care

Bye, Bye Dry

Since 1957, the secret to nourishing dry skin has been available on pharmacy shelves all over Japan. Originally formulated by chemist Yoshikiyo Nowatari, Yu-Be (otherwise known by the Japanese as Yuskin-A) is finally making its way to the United States thanks to company co-Founders Jim and Elena Azama.

This concentrated glycerin-based moisturizer is enriched with Vitamins B2, C, and E, as well as camphor—ingredients chosen for their ability to help hydrate, soothe, and smooth dry, irritated skin anywhere on the body from your face and lips right down to your cracked heels. While Yu-Be is tough
enough to combat the driest, roughest skin, its ingredients are gentle enough for the whole family to enjoy. No artificial colors, fragrances, or SPF. Unlike petroleum-based alternatives, Yu-Be is lightweight and non-greasy. It absorbs instantly and its natural camphor scent fades quickly leaving your skin feeling youthful, healthy, and revitalized.

It’s no wonder that this moisturizer remains one of the longest and best-selling skin care products in Japan today.
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