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2/3/2014 by Rosanne

I don't care for the smell, but the cream is doing a wonderful job on hands and feet.



1/25/2014 by marilyn s.

I have very dry skin No More with you-be.
This product is exactly as advertised. My skin feels so smooth and soft,also last at least 24 hrs.



Doubter turned believer

1/25/2014 by Jules

I am pretty skeptical about all beauty and skin products. I always think the benefits are rather subtle if non-existent, at least for me. Grommet discovered Yu-Be the same week my son noticed my face was all flaky making my makeup look like a crazy person put it on. I knew my hands etc. were also dry but the face was kind of the last straw. So I gave this a go. WOW. That is all I can say. I have NEVER had soft skin, if I am honest. I do now. Head to toe. I bought the lotion and the cream, plus the heel/elbow socks. I am thrilled with all, but especially this cream and what it did for my face.

Further, I travelled to Japan the week I bought this and kept my eyes open for Yu-Be (called Yu-Me over there). I saw it on the back counter at places like ticket counters and retail stores, obviously kept handy by the employees. That was a good sign that it was the "real deal."

Final comment: maybe because of the glycerine and camphor Yu-Be Cream has a slightly functional/outdoorsy smell and texture that worried me when I opened it up. It does rub in well with a little bit of effort and remains only barely scented but it does take a couple days to get used to this if you are accustomed to more creamy/white/girly formulas.

Full disclosure: I am Grommet CEO. I rarely write reviews on our own site, for obvious reasons.. But I felt compelled in this case.


magic in a bottle

1/24/2014 by pamela

if you poured all the lotion/cream i have bought trying to find something that actually works, you could fill a bathtub! this is the best (only) product i have ever owned that actually heals dry skin in one application. i wish the jar was bigger because i am rationing this like a crazy person. so much goodness!


Best skin cream ever!

1/24/2014 by Irene

I really like this skin cream. It helps dry skin almost immediately. Will purchase again.



1/23/2014 by Elizabeth

Fabulous for my husband's hands that often get so dried and cracked through the winter. This is his favorite hand cream by far.



1/23/2014 by Karen

A great cream for my dry heels!



1/31/2014 by pat

I live in a cold weather climate and dry skin in the winter is always a challenge. Yu Be is non greasy and easily absorbed in the skin. It makes my skin soft but not oily. This is a new favorite product.



1/1/2015 by Nancy

Your product sounded fantastic - until I read the ingredients. What a shame that it contains methyl paraben, which is a known carcinogen. Are there any plans to make it without paraben in the future?


Not what I expected

1/31/2014 by Brycie

There were so many great reviews I hoped this would be the answer for my dry skin. It wasn't for me. The cream leaves a waxy film on my skin that never soaked in--not pleasant!

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The Yu-Be Story

Yu-Be - Japanese Moisturizing Skin Care

Bye, Bye Dry

Since 1957, the secret to nourishing dry skin has been available on pharmacy shelves all over Japan. Originally formulated by chemist Yoshikiyo Nowatari, Yu-Be (otherwise known by the Japanese as Yuskin-A) is finally making its way to the United States thanks to company co-Founders Jim and Elena Azama.

This concentrated glycerin-based moisturizer is enriched with Vitamins B2, C, and E, as well as camphor—ingredients chosen for their ability to help hydrate, soothe, and smooth dry, irritated skin anywhere on the body from your face and lips right down to your cracked heels. While Yu-Be is tough
enough to combat the driest, roughest skin, its ingredients are gentle enough for the whole family to enjoy. No artificial colors, fragrances, or SPF. Unlike petroleum-based alternatives, Yu-Be is lightweight and non-greasy. It absorbs instantly and its natural camphor scent fades quickly leaving your skin feeling youthful, healthy, and revitalized.

It’s no wonder that this moisturizer remains one of the longest and best-selling skin care products in Japan today.
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