YuYu Bottle

Extra Long Hot Water Bottle - Luxury Fleece

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The YuYu Bottle Story

YuYuBottle | Extra Long Hot Water Bottle

Heat Treat

YuYu Bottle was devised by Maker Richard Yu. Back in 2010, he was struggling to stay warm in his London flat by constantly repositioning his traditional (and classically English) hot water bottle. Realizing that the design had barely evolved over the years, Richard set out to recreate one with a new elongated shape.

The resulting YuYu Bottle covers far more surface area, so the soothing heat can help relieve sore muscles or help keep chills at bay. Pick a water bottle cover made with soft Japanese cotton or plush fleece that can tie in place for perfectly positioned, hands-free warmth, even if
you’re moving from room to room. Or, if you’re feeling as fancy as you are chilly, we think the luxurious cashmere and Merino wool cover is just the luxe thing. Read More Read Less