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Great product

6/13/2018 by Trudy

Love it make doing my dogs nails so simple and quickly. You do not have to worry about hitting the quick.


Love these clippers

5/30/2018 by Jean

These clippers worked so well for my dog. I ordered the wrong size at first and The Grommet replaced them with the correct size very quickly. My dog HATES to have his nails clipped but was much more calm as these cut very smoothly and quickly and the angle is so much better than on other clippers I have used.


Best tool for the job

5/26/2018 by Melissa

Can't hurt the tender part of the cat's claws!


Rare review - but I had to - they are great!

5/22/2018 by Diane

These clippers are so great. I bought them as I have tried everything to make the nail clipping job happen. I used to just give up. But these clippers really are the Cat's Meow! They work exactly as described and make the job not only possible but easy!
Will definitely be buying these are gifts for special cat friends.


Cat Tolerates Clipping

5/19/2018 by Maxine

"Tolerates" is a euphemism for "he doesn't claw me bloody when I try to use these." In fact, I can clip all of the nails on one paw before he even realizes I'm clipping. With the older style clippers, I worried about clipping too close and had difficulties getting the right angle. The Zen clippers are always at the perfect angle. Yay! I started with the size 2, but, as he's an older cat with retraction issues, I've moved up to the 3. The 2 is great for a younger/smaller animal.


These clippers work GREAT!

5/18/2018 by Cathy

I have two cats who work tirelessly to sharpen their claws all day so they can be sure to stab me at night when they decide it is time to love on me. These clippers keep my blood letting at a minimum. I highly recommend them to all kitty owners who want their furr-babies to love on them without getting stabbed.


Medium nail clipper

5/15/2018 by Roy

Super product - works exactly as described none of the hassles that occur with the old style of clippers.


What Took So Long?

5/14/2018 by Dee

These clippers are so amazing one can only wonder why it took so long to invent them! I can clip the front claws of all three cats in HALF the time it took to clip one paw of one cat! And they're comfortable to use, even for arthritic hands. I'd rate them 10 stars if they were available!


Love them

5/13/2018 by Dale

After a try or two for the correct size I’ll never use another nail cutter with my finikyy dog. Im elated!


Awesome pet nail clipper!

5/12/2018 by Missy

My cat lets me clip his nails easily but I always worried about cutting too much and getting the quick. These clippers allow for fast clipping with no danger of hurting your pet. Be sure to print the handy measuring tool on the website to make sure you purchase the correct size and you'll never worry again!

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The Zen Clipper Story

Finally! Faster, safer nail trims for pets.

Stress-Free Trims

Zen Clippers have taken their conically designed nail clippers and sized it to suit an array of pets to make nail trims easier and quicker.

There are seven sizes to fit pets like birds, lizards, bunnies, cats, and dogs. And there’s a sizing guide to make sure you get the right fit.

The cutting—or in this case, shearing—is done by a stainless-steel blade inside the conical design. There’s no sharp blade exposed, and the design allows in the just-right amount of nail, so there’s no over-cutting. This also protects the super sensitive quick from getting accidentally snipped, too.

The clippers get
the job done quickly, so there’s less hassle (and stress) for you and your pet. And they are guaranteed to last a lifetime of nail trims, too. Read More Read Less