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Great clippers

11/30/2019 by Tracy

These are the best ... and the last I’ll probably have to buy, my dig FREAKS at getting his nails cut, and freaks LESS with these, and they cut easier and quicker (and NOT) the quick!


Easy to use

11/1/2019 by Gale

My dog hated to have her nails done & still isn’t fond of it but these make it so much easier. I also don’t have to worry about cutting too much off.


Easy to use clippers!

10/22/2019 by Wayne

These worked great on our Pup! She wasn’t thrilled, but it’s the first time we could clip her nails at home.


cat toenail clippers

10/6/2019 by Patricia

These are a very good idea. Cats are notoriously touchy about their toes and feet. I'm always concerned I'll cut too far down, IF I can even get hold of a cat nail. I had been using human nail clippers which were only ok. With these clippers, you can't go too far onto the nail and reach the "quick" which would be ever so painful. Only one negative, I purchased the first pair (which says includes cats'
toenails), but with one senior cat, some of her nails have thickened so I had to order the next size up - a small. So sizing can be individual and a bit of a guess. The small was hard to get, often out of stock, so it must be a favorite!


Very easy

10/6/2019 by Ashley

These clippers have made it much easier to cut my cats' nails. It's faster and less stressful for all of us!


Keeps you from cutting too deep

9/5/2019 by Sandra

These nail clippers are great for pets. When you buy the size for your dog or cat, the hole to put your animal's claws in, is only so large and will not open any larger. For dark nailed animals, where you can't see the vein in the nail, this is great. It prevents cutting into the quick. Just make sure you get the proper size for you animal.


Makes the Job Easy - I Highly Recommend Them

8/21/2019 by Valerie

This is the second Zen Clipper I've purchased, as the size runs a bit small and my cats claws vary greatly in size. I love it! The cats not so much, but that's because they don't like being told what to do. However, that said, the actual clipping is much easier with these clippers and I would highly recommend them.


Great clippers

7/30/2019 by Kim

Perfect for small dogs or large cats.


Less drama!

7/21/2019 by Ronald

This does the job quickly and painlessly for pet and owner



7/18/2019 by Gail

I have a multiple kitty household; as a matter of fact, this home is maintained for the care, comfort, and love of the CAT. These clippers are phenomenal!! I have two pair.

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The Zen Clipper Story

Finally! Faster, safer nail trims for pets.

Stress-Free Trims

Zen Clippers have taken their conically designed nail clippers and sized it to suit an array of pets to make nail trims easier and quicker.

There are seven sizes to fit pets like birds, lizards, bunnies, cats, and dogs. And there’s a sizing guide to make sure you get the right fit.

The cutting—or in this case, shearing—is done by a stainless-steel blade inside the conical design. There’s no sharp blade exposed, and the design allows in the just-right amount of nail, so there’s no over-cutting. This also protects the super sensitive quick from getting accidentally snipped, too.

The clippers get
the job done quickly, so there’s less hassle (and stress) for you and your pet. And they are guaranteed to last a lifetime of nail trims, too. Read More Read Less