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Zen Clipper

Safety Pet Nail Clipper

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Reviews (4.1 out of 5 Grommets)

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great idea but sizing problems

8/7/2019 by Stephanie

I love the idea that you can only clip up to a certain point .. . but my Yorkie must have freakishly large nails because the X-Large clipper is still not big enough to trim his nails. <sigh> I am still on the hunt for a do it your-self option at home.


Hard to buy correct size.

6/27/2019 by Diana

I bought two sizes to make sure I got the correct size for my chihuahua and min pin, but both sizes were too small. The smaller sizes may be good for birds and small cats, but advertising should reflect that small does not equal small dog.


The wrong size was sent.

6/26/2019 by Linda E

I liked the idea of this, but the wrong size left my dog frustrated just as much as regular dog nail clippers. I requested a smaller size, but was given a refund instead. I was disappointed all the way around.


Stool too small

6/26/2019 by Mary Beth

I have long haired miniature dachshund and took the first set of Clippers and it was too small so I sent it back for the next size up and those are also too small .
and just kind of frustrated because what's the suggested size for dachshunds on there so I haven't been able to really use them and I feel like I need to get the next size up :-(


nice product - sizing bizarre

6/13/2019 by GG

I purchased 4 of these, Extra-Small through Large, as I have different-sized pets, the largest of which is a 20-lb beagle. The Large clips were WAY too small for my small dog, couldn't trim even a millimeter of nail. I will need to go up at least one size, probably two. Something is wrong with the product if I need Jumbo-sized clippers for such a small dog!

That being said, my dog let me (attempt to) use these without much fuss -a very BIG DEAL - and that alone is worth the price of the clippers.

Unfortunately I've got to go purchase two more sets, because the online sizing guide can't be trusted to tell me which of the remaining two sizes is going to work.

Five stars for the clippers, zero for the sizing.


Large dogs

5/2/2019 by Karrie

My dogs are over 100 lbs. This didn't work except for the tips. Seem like a well built product, though not big enough.


Nice, But...

3/14/2019 by Wanda

I used the on-line "measurer" for my dog's nails, but when it arrived, the clipper doesn't work as well as I thought. My dog yelped the first time I used it, so I guess I got the wrong size!


Beautiful, but...

2/20/2019 by Bernie

Arrived today. Admired apparent quality. Before I could use my younger dog got at it. She chewed one of the handles to bits, rendering the clippers useless. Sigh. Was very surprised there was no substance, other than flimsy plastic to both handles. Just ordered replacements, and will be certain to be more careful where I leave them, when not trimming nails.


Need a longer grip to trim my cats' claws.

2/13/2019 by Lynn

Love the concept, but I've never trimmed the nails on any of our four cats before. I couldn't do it with these clippers, maybe because my hand was too close to their paws. They freaked out. I only managed to get 4 nails, total. Going to try another style with longer handles and light and magnifier.
I do believe these clippers are excellent quality. They just weren't right for me.


Not big enough for my dog

2/2/2019 by Astrid

My dog's nails were bigger than these were able to cut. I would recommend measuring your dog's nails.

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The Zen Clipper Story

Finally! Faster, safer nail trims for pets.

Stress-Free Trims

Zen Clippers have taken their conically designed nail clippers and sized it to suit an array of pets to make nail trims easier and quicker.

There are seven sizes to fit pets like birds, lizards, bunnies, cats, and dogs. And there’s a sizing guide to make sure you get the right fit.

The cutting—or in this case, shearing—is done by a stainless-steel blade inside the conical design. There’s no sharp blade exposed, and the design allows in the just-right amount of nail, so there’s no over-cutting. This also protects the super sensitive quick from getting accidentally snipped, too.

The clippers get
the job done quickly, so there’s less hassle (and stress) for you and your pet. And they are guaranteed to last a lifetime of nail trims, too. Read More Read Less