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Zen Clipper

Safety Pet Nail Clipper

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Reviews (4.2 out of 5 Grommets)

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Too Small

5/10/2019 by Mary

I think it is an awesome idea but I think they need to go back to the drawing board to make some with a couple more sizes that are bigger. I have two dogs a mini schnauzer and a large lab. I bought the large for the mini schnauzer and the xlarge for the lab, both of them were too small for either dog. So I sent them back and exchanged them one for refund and one for the xxlarge. It came and it is still a little too small their nails will not fit in it very well at all and I can only clip like shavings off, but I am going to keep using it to see if eventually with regular use it will work for one of them


Love these!

5/4/2019 by Teresa

I purchased these (largest size) to use on my Rottweiler. She hates getting her nails clipped, and I always worried about cutting her too short if she jerked or pushed, when trying to get away from me. These are easy to use, and I think the fact that I am less nervous (since only so much of the nail can go into the clipper) helps her to stay calm, too. "Paw"-dicures are not fun at our house, but they are definitely easier and less stressful with this Grommet!


Great product

4/28/2019 by Debra

I've always had trouble with my dog getting anxious and wiggly when getting her nails clipped. I just received this zen clipper and it is so easy and fast to use. My little dog sits and doesn't even flinch. Thank you for this great product!


Looking for easy nail clipper for my dog

4/25/2019 by SK

I have been on the hunt for a easy to use and safe nail clipper for my dog. I have purchased several and even purchased a nail grinder. After using the other clippers and once even clipping too far and causing my dog pain, I gave up on clipping his nails myself.
This clipper is great. Because it only allows so much of the nail to come through, you are assured not to clip too much or even get near the quick. It has made clipping my dogs nails so much easier and he doesn't seem to mind it at all.


No more struggles

4/23/2019 by Susan

No more struggles cutting nails. Size descriptions wrong. Go up at least one size.


Great product

4/19/2019 by Leslie

Great product. I have a Frenchie that hates having his toenails clipped. Worked great however he got ahold of them and chewed the plastic parts. He has anger management issues.


Cats Like It!!

4/19/2019 by Valerie

Came quickly and my 2 cats like it. I've cut their quick before, so they're leery around clippers, but after one clipping they're calmer when I go to clip them again - they know its no big deal. A big win!

They're very easy to use. I have found I keep trying to open them more because I'm used to seeing a gap between the blades, but that's what I'm getting used to.


No more fear

4/14/2019 by Nancy

I love this clipper


Finally! A cutter that works!!

4/13/2019 by Karen

This is the first nail trimmer for my cats that actually works and that they don't run from when I use it! I was reluctant to try it but thought "why not?". Well, I am very happy I did since it's the first trimmer my one car doesn't run from. It turns the nails without crushing them and does not cut the quick. Thanks for a great product! !


Pay attention to size

4/2/2019 by k

I mistakenly made an error in my last review. I had to get the Large size for my 11 pounder. The Mediums were too small.

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The Zen Clipper Story

Finally! Faster, safer nail trims for pets.

Stress-Free Trims

Zen Clippers have taken their conically designed nail clippers and sized it to suit an array of pets to make nail trims easier and quicker.

There are seven sizes to fit pets like birds, lizards, bunnies, cats, and dogs. And there’s a sizing guide to make sure you get the right fit.

The cutting—or in this case, shearing—is done by a stainless-steel blade inside the conical design. There’s no sharp blade exposed, and the design allows in the just-right amount of nail, so there’s no over-cutting. This also protects the super sensitive quick from getting accidentally snipped, too.

The clippers get
the job done quickly, so there’s less hassle (and stress) for you and your pet. And they are guaranteed to last a lifetime of nail trims, too. Read More Read Less