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Headgehog Multi-Tool Comb Case of 12

Reviews (4.7 out of 5 Grommets)

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Big Hit

1/8/2016 by Michelle

This was purchased for my Dad as a little extra with his Christmas gift. He loves gadgets so I figured it would be a hit. It turned out to be a home run, he has shown it to everyone he knows and I suspect he would show it to perfect strangers if he thought about it. It works wonderfully as a comb he won't lose and he's having fun seeing if he can find uses for it that the designer might not even have thought of.


Great Stocking Stuffer

1/4/2016 by Susan

I bought this as a stocking stuffer for my daughter. She absolutely loved it. She couldn't get over all of the different things this little tool can do. Plus, she loved it was small enough to keep in her wallet. Easily one of the best received gifts.


Great gift

1/2/2016 by Martha

Loved it, was a gift well received


Hedge hogs are fantastic.

1/2/2016 by Sandra

I love both the hedge hog and the zoolility . I bought enough to give to all the boys and men in my family. I will proably buy more for next Christmas.


Fun and functional

12/2/2015 by Caryn

Fun and functional; what more can you ask?


Headgehog multi-tool comb

10/19/2015 by Rosaline

I like this multi-tool comb and always carry it around in my bag for convenience. It's so handy to have around and use when there's a need for it. Everyone should have one in their car.


Zootility Headehog

10/11/2015 by A

So far, the Zootility is fantastic! I'm giving one to my son and each of my son-in-laws for Christmas this year for sure!!



9/15/2015 by Jerome

its very functional and tough and so was my hair till i used the comb that part alone is worth the price it fits in my wallet bamm heck with the nay Sayers they just wished they had the cinchonas to be half as ingenious bravo chap!


HeageHog Usability

8/31/2015 by Gary

Very concise and functional. Was everything I expected it to be. Use it along with the Pocket Monkey. Only recommendation I would give the developers is to make these two items connectable as a phone stand. Would work better then the credit card option or at least have a way to clip them together for that function.


He loved it

8/28/2015 by Brittany

My boyfriend is a real "guys guy". Usually travels with a comb in his pocket and a toolbox always in his car. Slicks his hair back daily. I got him this for his 27th birthday and he loved it. Says it feels very solid and works better than the plastic combs that are always bending. Looks nice and great craftsmanship.

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The Zootility Story

Zootility - Multi-Functional Pocket Tools

Light & Mighty

Zootility is a true American manufacturing success story. What started as a hobby for Maker Nate Barr has blossomed into a full-time business.

When Nate was on the hunt for a pocket tool that wouldn’t weigh him down, he decided to lean on his mechanical engineering background to create his own, the PocketMonkey. It was such a hit with folks, Zootility expanded to other Made in the USA multi-tools that are as lightweight and durable—and sometimes shaped like a favorite state. And they all meet the criteria of packing functionality in a pocket-friendly or keychain-friendly tool. Whether you’re
opening a bottle, peeling an orange, tightening a screw, or opening a door without touching the handle, doing other everyday tasks, Zootility has a tool that can step up. Read More Read Less